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Winter pruning in our vineyard

Winter and pruning

In winter, vines enter the dormancy phase, which is when the vineyard is resting, and sap no longer flows in the plant: this is the time to prune. Pruning is the first and most important operation in our preparation of the vineyard for the following season. Though seemingly simple, vine pruning is actually one of the most delicate and laborious tasks for the grower, who may take several years before mastering the art.
On the accuracy of this operation depend both the quality of grapes and the longevity of vines. In our vineyard, pruning is still done by hand according to traditional peasant methods, as grandpa Pietro taught papà Bruno. Bruno has spent his days among the vine rows since he was a boy, caressing the plants and learning to interpret the signs of nature, in order to help the vines reach a harmonious balance.

Today, papa Bruno rigorously oversees pruning in the vineyard, guiding the viticulturists and dispensing expert instructions. From certain aromas, colours and sensations he knows when the time is right to start. He is able to evaluate the peculiarities of each plant, and to correctly determine the number of buds that will sprout on each cane. In the vineyard, pruning generally lasts four months, and is at once the most cherished and the most exacting of our tasks: an important symbol of our peasant heritage which we hope to transmit to future generations.

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