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Over a century of dedication to our land

The long rows of vines have belonged to the Marion family, owners of the La Jara agricultural holding, since 1891. Our love of this soil and of its fruit has been passed down from generation to generation. Since 1999, this heritage has been carried forward with devotion and commitment by Massimo and Paolo Marion, whose management has renewed the company’s momentum.

Mindful of the values and teachings of grandpa Pietro, Paolo and Massimo have contributed an innovative spirit, revolutionising technical processes and embracing a totally organic style of farming, ever inspired by Pietro’s philosophy, which still rules at La Jara: Nature is a perfect mechanism.

By caring for our vines all year round, we obtain grapes of excellent quality, producing a hearty, genuine wine.

A name that evokes our connection with the soil

In the local dialect, “La Jara”, the name we have chosen for our agricultural holding – synonymous with commitment and dedication to our soil – means “the gravel”: smoothed by the river Piave, this gravel of white limestone covers the terrain and lends ripening grapes their unique peculiarities and sensory characteristics.

The name “La Jara” embodies our constant attention and dedication to these vineyards and to their soil: the hard toil and meticulous work carried out among the rows, day in day out, all year round.

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