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Organic since 1999

Since 1999 we have been taking care of our vineyards according to the organic method.
More than 20 years ago this was considered a bold decision, now it is our strength: during these years we molded our experiences with our efforts in the vineyard and in the cellar, with the crops we lost and the successes we have been having.
We believe organic farming is the only choice for those who, like us, love nature and all the good products it delivers: in our vineyards we do not use any pesticides, herbicides nor chemical fertilizers.
In addition, we do not use any chemical additives during the winemaking process.
We were inspired by the knowledge of our grandfathers, who taught us that “Nature is a perfect mechanism, whom it is our duty to indulge”.
We learned to work in harmony with the rhythms of nature, preserving the ecosystem of the vineyard.
This well-balanced and complete environment allows us to grow our grapes sustainably.
We are committed and conscientious in each step of the winemaking process, from the vineyard to the cellar, to provide the highest quality to the wine lovers around the world.

What does "vegan wine" mean?

A wine can obtain the vegan certification when it does not contain any product of animal origin, including the additives used during the winemaking process.
Vinifing wines in this way does not alter by any means their taste, color or durability, if compared to the wines made in the “traditional” way, and makes them suitable for vegetarians and vegan people, as well as people that prefer sustainable products.
All the wines of La Jara are certified Organic & Vegan by ICEA (the abbreviation for “Istituto per la Certificazione Etica ed Ambientale”), find out more.