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Our winery and the vinification process

Our growers’ expert hands harvest the fruit precisely at the time when the rows are laden with sweet, juicy grapes: ready to be transformed into the fragrant wines of the La Jara collection.

Our modern and technological process allows for the respectful transfer of grape to bottle, while retaining fragrance, freshness, and varietal aromas. The wine produced is hearty and of guaranteed quality.

Technology and expertise in the vinification of our grapes

We specialise in the production of Spumanti obtained by the Charmat-Martinotti method, whose phases are scrupulously followed by our oenologists with the aid of innovative and technological control systems. The vinification process starts by soft-pressing the grapes: the presses delicately squeeze the fruit to extract the first-pressing must, which is then separated from the refuse. The must then settles in stainless steel vats at a constantly-controlled temperature. After the decantation, the limpid part of the must is gravity-racked. By the addition of natural yeasts we start the alcoholic fermentation phase: this takes place in temperature-controlled steel vats, in an environment continuously monitored through sophisticated equipment.

While natural yeasts transform the sugar into alcohol, constant control is exercised from the moment the fermentation starts until the wine acquires a rich, fragrant bouquet.

Second fermentation

The second fermentation, the most important phase, takes place in a special room with pressure vats specific for producing sparkling wine. After carefully tasting the wine, our oenologists determine the right blend, the cuvée, to obtain a product of full, harmonious flavour and distinctive character. In the pressure vats the wine, sugar and natural yeasts undergo this second fermentation process for at least 40 days. This forms the velvety foam of our elegant Spumanti, a delight for the palate with its explosion of fresh, fruity and floral notes.