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Shoot Topping in the vineyard

The production of a healthy wine with excellent organoleptic properties starts in the vineyard. For us that produce organic wines, the work in the vineyard is critical and requires much effort.

Our work in the vineyard scrupulously follows the natural cycle of our vines. Through viticulture practices we try to help the vine to reach a harmonious vegetative balance  that will make it produce healthy and balanced grapes. 

In this period of the year, when the vineyard is in bloom, we dedicate to topping of the vines. Shoot topping is a viticulture practice that consists in cutting off the ends of the shoots. 

As a result, the plant will no longer concentrate its energy to grow longer shoots, but will distribute its energy in a homogeneous way towards the remaining branches and the hanging cluster grapes.

This operation is performed a few times in this period. These are very demanding days for papà Bruno who starts working the vines very early; he gets on his tractor and begins to trim the vine row after row, with extreme care and patience.

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