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Organic viticulture: no chemicals in our wines

At La Jara winery we don’t use any pesticides, herbicides or any other chemical products in the vineyards.
We adopt sustainable viticulture methods in order to minimize the impact on the ecosystem and to ensure high quality wines with zero chemical residues.

In the vineyard our commitment is to preserve the entire ecosystem in order to protect and support the natural balance between helpful insects and harmful insects because they are the ones that help us to create a vegetative balance for our vines. Here are the practices that we implement in our vineyard:

  • topping the shots in order to improve ventilation of the clusters and to avoid the formation of mold or other plant diseases;
  • we only use organic fertilizers that don’t pollute the soil or groundwater and above all it serves to insects and microorganism that favor the decomposition of leaves, grass etc;
  • a drip irrigation system that minimises the water waste;
  • piling soil up around the base of the vinestock in order to eliminate the grass around it; in this way we avoid the use of herbicides and any other type of chemical product.

Below a video with our vinegrowers removing the grass:

In addition, all our interventions follow the seasonal growing cycle and respect the vines’ needs. This is the duty of organic producers: to preserve the entire ecosystem.

In response to an organic viticulture, the winemaking process also respects the fruits and their link with the terroir. Here, our commitment is to transfer all the natural characteristics of the grapes into the bottle, using the best technology and working in a clean way without any oenological shortcuts such as auxiliaries products.

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