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Harvest 2016

The 2016 growing season started with a lot of rain, and seemed initially a difficult vintage, but the end of the season offered very positive climatic conditions (beautiful sunny days and low humidity) which allowed a perfect ripening of the grapes.
This along with our work in the vineyards has allowed us to obtain a harvest that has satisfied us very much for the quality and beauty of the fruits.

The first harvested was the Pinot Grigio, a very delicate grape variety tending to rot, which this year was very healthy, beautiful and full of clusters. Also the Pinot Grigio grapes had a great level of acidity, higher than in the last years. Having a higher acidity the wines will preserve for longer.

Glera, as ever this year, had bunches full of berries. But Most of all the Glera grapes had a perfectly homogeneous ripening and consequently more defined scents. Our winemaker Paolo has found that the grape juice, during the first fermentation, emitted strong aromas of apple and pear. He explains that the wine will further develop and balance its aromas into more complex and varied characteristics. Also he expects the grape juice to result into sparkling wines with more color due to the warm weather in the last months of growing.

Both grape varieties, Pinot Grigio and Glera, have an optimal level of natural acidity, which is very important for the production of sparkling wines because it makes the wines fresh.

We hope that this excellent harvest will give us a good wine and we look forward to tasting the first bottle.

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