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Prosecco DOC Spumante Brut & Raw shellfish

Pairing Prosecco DOC Brut with shellfish

The light freshness, and pleasant hints of acidity make Prosecco DOC Brut the perfect companion for an exquisite raw shellfish dish. The fatty tendency and distinct sweetness of the raw shellfish create a harmonious balance with the freshness offered by this wine.

An elegant and exceptional dish, such as this, which bases its success on the quality and freshness of the ingredients does not need many toppings, just a little citrus olive oil to enrich the dish.

Choosing the right wine, to match with these amazing ingredients, is essential. To bring out the flavors and emphasize there is nothing better than the freshness of this Prosecco Brut, aromatic and balanced on the palate, elegant and fresh at the same time.

The light hints of bread crust and the pleasant acidity create the perfect match with the raw shellfish, that on the palate, strike with the buttery character and succulent sweetness of the very best crustaceans.

Raw shellfish

2 scampi
2 red prawns
2 mazzancolle shrimps
citrus olive oil


It’s important, in order to prevent food risks, to place the shellfish in a blast chiller or in a home freezer for at least 72 hours before consuming.

To prepare the dish  thoroughly clean the crustaceans, then remove the shell with the help of scissors and leave the head intact.
Plate up the scampi, red prawns and the mazzancolle shrimps and season to taste, perhaps with an extra virgin olive oil flavored with citrus.

Accompany the dish with a bottle of Prosecco DOC Brut uncorked at the last minute, just before serving.

A pairing so refined and elegant in its simplicity does not need other words … enjoy it and buon appetito!

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