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Prosecco DOC Brut & Fried fish and potato chips

Pairing Prosecco DOC Brut with Fish

Fresh, dry, of unmistakable taste – Prosecco DOC Brut encloses in the glass the taste of the classic and traditional style of an aromatic and balanced wine.
The delicacy of green apple comes straight to the nose and the scent remains respectful of those of the dishes it accompanies. The pleasant scents of bread crust and the acidulous note cuts through the thickness of fats on the palate, cleansing it.
This fried fish and purple potatoes dish, fragrant and tasty, it is fully appreciated when accompanied with this Brut that features a pronounced freshness, and after every sip prepares the palate to taste the fried fish.

Fried fish with purple potatoes

Small cuttlefish
King prawn
Red Sicilian prawns
Pilgrim Scallops
Purple potato chips
Oil for frying

The basic rule to get an excellent result with this recipe is to choose fresh fish of top quality; a good raw material will exalt the refined taste of the sea.
Thouroughly clean all the fish and cut the calamari. Clean and thinly slice the purple potatoes and then soak them in water and ice. Now simply flour the fish and potatoes and fry them in abundant oil.
Once fried remove the fish and potatoes, drain all on paper for the fried, then plate up.
Serve accompanied with a glas of Prosecco Brut served at 6 ° -8 ° and opened at the moment. Buon appetito!

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