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Carnival pairing: “Zero Assoluto” Spumante Zero Dosage with Frittelle and Crostoli

In spite of the fact that dark colors are usually associated with winter, in Italy February is the most colorful month of the year.
The Carnival tradition brings a lot of fun for all ages, with pranks, colorful dresses and delicious food.
And here that is what we want to talk about: food (and wine).
Most of the delicacies typical of this period of the year are deep-fried: the most popular ones are "Frittelle" and "Crostoli", which are also called Frappe, Chiacchiere, Bugie, etc.
We believe they are the perfect pairing for our Spumante "Zero Assoluto" Zero Dosage, whose unique freshness balances the rich taste of these pastries, elevating their enjoyment.

Happy Carnival!


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